Provincial Collective on Male Victimization (CNVAM)

Welcome to the official website of the Provincial Collective on Male Victimization (CNVAM)

The Provincial Collective on Male Victimization (CNVAM), founded in 2019, by Natacha Godbout, PhD., Professor and researcher in the Department of Sexology at the Université du Québec à Montréal and Director of the Unité de recherche et d'intervention sur le TRAuma et le CouplE (TRACE), in collaboration with Audrey Brassard, PhD, Jean-Martin Deslauriers, PhD, Mylène Fernet, PhD, Martine Hébert, PhD, André Samson, PhD, men's community organizations and male survivors.

This partnership between a research team, men's community organizations, and male survivors of childhood interpersonal trauma aims to bring together the various actors in order to promote empirical knowledge on male victimization and its practical applications. This unique collective aims to document the issues of male victims, to document the range of existing practices for male victims, and to implement a systematic evaluation protocol when men consult survivor support services.

Ultimately, the collective wishes to develop, and disseminate material to raise awareness and inform the general population about the realities, and needs of male survivors of sexual assault, to promote networking and the sharing of information, and training between organizations of assistance to men and their workers, the research community and the general public.


This project was funded by the Quebec Department of Justice through the Crime Victims Assistance Bureau grant program, and by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada - Partnership Development Grants.

For partner organizations

If you are a partner organization of the project, you can send the following link to the men met by your team.

To learn more about the study, you can contact the project's principal researcher: Natacha Godbout, Ph.D., 514 987-3000, extension 6590.

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